Zendaya's "Dune" Robot Suit Gets Mugler $13.3 Million in Media Attention  

The Mugler robot suit worn by Zendaya was a hit, according to Launchmetrics' Monday assessment.  

A viral frenzy ensued when the actress donned a fall 1995 label costume to the London premiere of “Dune: Part Two” earlier this month.  

In Media Impact Value, Mugler earned $13.3 million; an Instagram post of Zendaya's look earned $152,000.   

MIV is a proprietary metric that calculates ROI by valuing print, web, and social media marketing techniques.  

Mugler's cyborg couture, designed with artist Jean-Jacques Urcun, has plexiglass cutouts and a chrome frame.  

Six months were spent making the garment, inspired by “Metropolis” sci-fi.  

It premiered at Mugler's 25th anniversary show in Paris.  

. In 2022, Brooklyn Museum's massive “Thierry Mugler: Couturissime” exhibition featured the robot suit.   

Beyoncé wore a special version of the garment at her June 2023 “Renaissance World Tour” designed by the label's creative director, Casey Cadwallader.  

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