"Yellowstone"'s Luke Grimes discusses his first country record.  

Grimes collaborated with producer Dave Cobb, who helped select songs for the album. 

The album's theme is personal honesty, reflecting Grimes' desire to be genuine amid his acting career. 

Favorite songs include "Hold On" and "Ain't Dead Yet," each with unique qualities. 

"Oh Ohio" carries a universal message of leaving home. 

Influences include Elvis Presley, Christian music, and outlaw country artists. 

Grimes finds inspiration in the need to create and appreciates the platform music provides. 

Adjusting to the digital age, Grimes sees social media as a necessary tool for connecting with fans. 

Dreams of collaborations include Chris Stapleton, Jamey Johnson, Sierra Ferrell, and Alison Krauss. 

Handling dialogue-heavy roles comes naturally, though his character in "Yellowstone" is a man of few words. 

Grimes encourages aspiring entertainers to pursue their passions despite challenges. 

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