With their most recent attempt at cutting costs, the Philadelphia Eagles have admitted that their big 2023 transaction was a bust.  

On Friday, the Philadelphia Eagles confessed their 2023 trade of two-time All-Pro Kevin Byard was a failure.  

The Eagles are still recovering from an 11-6 season that concluded in the Wild Card Round earlier this year.  

The defense's collapse is one of the main reasons the squad went from a Super Bowl contender to a pretender in recent weeks.  

The Eagles' defense carried them to the Super Bowl last year but collapsed in 2023.   

General manager Howie Roseman tried to improve the unit during the season, but it regressed.  

The October trade for Tennessee Titans standout Kevin Byard was one of such attempts. That failed too, like the unit last season.  

According to reports, the team cut Byard on Friday, freeing roughly $13 million in contract space this offseason.  

Just over $14 million was the two-time All-Pro's 2024 salary.   

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