Win in Bahrain by Verstappen suggests he will continue to dominate Formula One.  

SAKHIR, Bahrain Max Verstappen extended his advantage over his rivals with every lap of the Bahrain Grand Prix, creating a sense of déjà vu.  

The incumbent champion ruthlessly demonstrated the full capability of his Red Bull race car and its unwavering advantage over its opposition,   ...

, dismantling the hope that infuses any new Formula One season.  

Verstappen had a 10-second lead after 23 circuits of the new season, which had more than doubled by the finish.  

Verstappen won his 55th career race and 18th in 19 races as he crossed the finish line beneath fireworks.  

His No. 1 Red Bull nose sticker—the defending champion's—has never looked better. Even though 2024 has 23 races left,   ...

more than any other season in sport history, Verstappen seemed to have taken a major step toward a fourth world championship on Saturday.  

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