Why did Casemiro's goal against Forest stand yet Van Dijk's goal against Chelsea did not?  

The VAR expert explains why Casemiro's goal stood in Manchester United's FA Cup triumph over Nottingham Forest.  

Casemiro's goal and Virgil van Dijk's disallowed header in the Carabao Cup final differed slightly.  

Fans wondered why Casemiro's goal was allowed but not Van Dijk's.  

Manchester United overcame Nottingham Forest 1-0 at the City Ground on Wednesday to advance to the FA Cup quarterfinals.   

With just over a minute left, Casemiro's late strike put the Red Devils ahead in the Premier League match. Erik ten Hag's team will meet arch rivals Liverpool in the semi-finals.  

Nuno Espirito Santo's team had a small moment of optimism when VAR assessed a probable offside before the goal, but it was cleared and allowed to stand.   

Social media users compared the Brazilian midfielder's goal to Virgil van Dijk's in normal time of the Carabao Cup final with Chelsea on Sunday. 

A clean sheet against Liverpool in any competition this season has only been achieved by Manchester United.  

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