Who is wearing the most stylish shirt in the Major League Soccer Eastern Conference?  

The 2024 uniforms for each of the 29 Major League Soccer teams marked the true start of the regular season.   

. Many unviewl will debut these jerseys to fans this week when clubs start the 2024 season.  

Overall, MLS and Adidas did better with their uniforms, diving into their communities to produce shirts that fit their fans and locations. Some lost an opportunity to make a statement with their clothing.   

The 15 Eastern Conference teams' 2024 jerseys will be ranked from worst to first.  

The Global Toronto Area is one of the world's most diversified and vibrant. This jersey was its poorest representation.   

The second straight Toronto FC away kit to fail is dull and unrepresentative.  

United must beat Tottenham and Aston Villa to qualify for the Champions League after another difficult season.  

Some call this a blank canvas, but this jersey lacks creativity.   

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