While carrying Roman, Al Pacino's kid, Noor Alfallah was struck by a potentially fatal complication.  

Noor Alfallah revealed life-threatening complications she faced when pregnant with her and Al Pacino's kid.

Per Medline Plus, Alfallah was diagnosed with HELLP Syndrome, which causes high liver enzymes and seizures, shortly before giving birth to Roman in June 2023.  

“When I look back on it now, I wish I could have enjoyed my pregnancy more,” she told Vogue Arabia on Monday.  

She also remembered the magnesium bags she was hooked up to and being unable to be alone with her newborn in case of a seizure.  

Despite challenges, parenting with Pacino, 83, has been “greater” than Alfallah “ever could imagine.”

 Roman has been God's greatest gift, a thousand times better than I expected.   

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