Where is Travis Kelce? Here's what we know about the football star's offseason plans.

Travis Kelce has added another Super Bowl ring to his collection and is dating one of the world's most popular music stars.   

So, where does the Kansas City Chiefs' tight end spend his offseason?  

Kelce lives and works in the Kansas City region during the season, and he recently purchased a $6 million mansion.  

His primary residence is a $6 million estate in a gated community in Leawood, according to Hello Magazine.   

Before upgrading, he lived in a seven-bedroom home in Kansas City's Briarcliff West neighborhood, which he purchased in 2019 for $995,000.   

The luxurious condo is located in Orlando's gorgeous Baldwin Park neighborhood, which is approximately four miles from downtown and is noted for its peaceful atmosphere.  

According to records, the deed includes practically the entire Kelce family, with the matriarch named first and Travis and Jason as remaindermen.   

According to documents, Donna Kelce paid $355,000 for the condo in May 2019.  

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