What Nail Style Best Suits Your Zodiac Sign? 

Manis show our emotions and personality. Consider your preferred styles. Maximalism, colour-clash, loud brights?  

Minimalism, neutrals, and basic accents? Horoscopes can help you choose designs. Star signs can emphasise certain attributes. Where will yours lead? Scroll down.

ARIES Aries are confident, impetuous, and energetic. Experiment with your nails. Why choose one colour when you can have five? Like you, this colour blend is varied.

TAURUS You're a romantic pragmatist—rational, grounded, loving, and unshakeable. Bulls like basic, comfortable styles. Gold-speckled nails suit you. It's neutral, classic, and has a nice shimmer that goes with everything.

GEMINI Geminis are energetic, curious, playful, and quick-witted. This rainbow design is as vibrant as you are, with a cutaway in the middle to keep things interesting.

CANCER Cancers are caring and loyal. Like you, this mani's warm pinks and reds are inviting.

LEO Leos are furious because they are strong, confident, loyal, and warm. This mirror-like manicure is just as shiny and exciting as you are.

VIRGO Virgos are the perfectionists of the zodiac; they are organised, detail-oriented, helpful, and honest. This fashionable reverse French mani is as tidy and precise as it is elegant.

LIBRA Libras are peacemakers and romantic. This half-and-half design perfectly blends neutral nails with pink metallics.

SCORPIO Scorpios, a water sign, are determined, forceful, mysterious, and emotional. Lightning is strong and dazzling (sounds familiar...).

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