We may learn even more from Caleb Williams's other decision, even though he won't be throwing at the NFL combine.  

 USC's standout quarterback revealed he was declining medical exams at the NFL scouting combine, but did not rule out medical evaluations.  

 Instead, Williams will undergo medical evaluations with teams he visits in the weeks leading up to the NFL Draft. The decision is more remarkable than Williams' lack of combine throwing.  

 Despite being BetMGM's odds-on favorite to go first overall, the quarterback stated his reasoning.  

 “Not 32 teams can draft me,” Williams remarked Friday morning. Only one me.   

 My visiting teams will have medical and that's it.”  

 People leak and report in a social media-driven society.  

 Information about which high team wants them may not harm the athlete.   

 The S2 cognition test results allegedly leaked in a smear campaign against quarterback C.J.  

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