Watch Luke Bryan and Katy Perry sing an original song written by a 'American Idol' hopeful.

Aniston Pate, an American Idol hopeful, captivated the judges with her own song during her audition for the show, which airs on March 3. She wowed them so much that Katy Perry and Luke Bryan sang a portion of her song.

The native Texan performed her original song "Hummingbird," which she penned with a friend about her mother. Lionel Richie compared Aniston's clear, rural voice to Dolly Parton.

Her song was a wonderful and sincere dedication to her mother, with words like "She's my hummingbird / flying a million miles a minute / Just to make sure / her baby gets where I need to be gettin'," and "I wouldn't be here without her."

During Aniston's American Idol audition, Katy Perry sat wide-eyed, with Luke Bryan murmuring "wow". When she finished, Bryan said, "That's a great one, really good." 

He smiled and added, "I got like four things I want to tell her to do to it, but…" Getting input from Luke Bryan on your song sounds like a milestone moment, and Aniston said, "Come on, give it to me!"

Bryan proceeded with his suggestions. "Did you think about 'my mama, my hummingbird'?" he blurted out. Aniston sang it and decided she liked the idea of adding another "my" to the lyric.

Bryan sung the line, and Aniston exclaimed, stunned, "Luke Bryan just sang a song that I wrote," gazing around as if she needed evidence that it had happened.

Katy Perry then chimed in with her own interpretation on the sentence. "Katy Perry sang a song I wrote too!" Aniston repeated her alleged astonishment.

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