Watch Gwen Stefani Surprise Crowd During Blake Shelton’s Houston Rodeo Stop, Perform Love Ballad

You're not alone if it seems like Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are in everything these days. Before Super Bowl Sunday, the power pop combo released "Purple Irises," their most recent song together, to great reviews. 

 The song's live debut during Stefani's pregame Super Bowl performance thrilled fans even more.

Shelton made his first appearance on the Houston Rodeo stage in six years on Tuesday night, February 27. As the Night One main act, the singer of "God's

Country" seemed to feel the need to create a big impression, so he surprised everyone by performing "Purple Irises" with his wife.

One attendee commented on X, the former Twitter platform, saying, "What a treat to see you and Gwen sing together." "Many thanks for a fantastic show."

Another user commented on Stefani's X post, saying, "See how the 60k attendees went crazy the moment you went down from the car and the whole stadium erupted in applause and cheer."

In addition, the duo performed a rendition of "Nobody But You," one of their many joint songs since getting married in 2021.The most recent installment in Stefani and Shelton's poetic love tale is "Purple Irises."

The song's audio version was released on social media on February 9 by the former frontwoman of No Doubt, along with a promise of a lyric video for Valentine's Day.

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