Trump wins Michigan's GOP primary, Biden wins Democratic primary

Former President Donald Trump will win the Republican primary in Michigan, while President Biden will win the Democratic primary.  

After 62% of the vote, Trump led former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley by 67% to 27%.  

After losing in her home state of South Carolina, Haley has promised to stay in the race until Super Tuesday on March 5.  

Mr. Biden has 80% of the Democratic vote with 51% counted.   

He had no rivals, although Arab and Muslim Americans tried to vote "uncommitted" in the primaries to protest his Israel stance.  

With 51% of the vote, "uncommitted" had 13%.   

If "uncommitted" gets more than 15% of the vote, unaffiliated delegates can attend the convention.  

former President Trump defeated former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley in Michigan's presidential primary on Tuesday.   

President Biden is expected to win the primary, but his approach to the Israel-Hamas war may cost him support in the battleground state.  

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