Trendy Nail Art Ideas for 2023

Whether you want to leave your nails at their natural length or boost them with extensions. Here are some popular nail ideas.Nails have evolved into an important aspect of beauty and fashion. This time of year screams for flowers and bright flowery colours.

Floral Blossoms Nail Designs:  Florals and summer go together. And if you want to lengthen the natural length of your nails, this trend is for you.Short nails with lovely, vintage-inspired flower art motifs. This floral motif is enticing and appealing.  The trend we are cheering for is dainty bright nails that can enhance your short nails without the trouble that comes with extensions.

Micro French Tips:  A traditional trend that will never go out of style is the French manicure. Why not choose an improved version with a twist to spice up this? Simply apply a neon or your favourite coloured nail polish to only the tips of your nails to create a colour pop french.

Embellishments in 3 Dimensions Nail Art:  Whether you want to add a little drama and make a statement with your nails, or you want them to be the main accessory in your outfit, larger-than-life 3D nails with gemstones and beads are hip, trendy, and in style.

Glazed Donut Nails:  The glazed and dewy nail design is now trending, thanks to Hailey Bieber's ultra-trendy sparkling manicure. 

The glazed donut nails were the buzz of the town last year and are still popular this season. This manicure pattern is all over the place, creating the perfect balance between simplicity and nail bling.  

Metallic and nail jewellery:  We've all heard and seen ear piercing and even belly button piercing, but what's fresh in the market this season is nail-piercing.

If you want to make diamonds your best friends, this is the trend to go with. 

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