Travis Kelce Reveals His Favourite Aspect of His Sydney Visit with Taylor Swift  

On the latest episode of their podcast, New Heights, Travis and Jason Kelce discussed the Kansas City Chiefs player's exciting journey to Sydney, Australia.

Travis shared his "favorite things" about the visit, including his adorable date with Taylor Swift in the Sydney Zoo that made headlines.

Travis looked forward to seeing red pandas, which he described as a "friendly raccoon."

Travis described his favorite part of visiting the red pandas' habitat with Swift and a zookeeper. 

While showing them the cute animals, the zookeeper escorted them through two doors that couldn't be opened simultaneously for their safety. 

 "They're like, 'Alright, make sure that door's closed, and when you get out of here, quickly close this one, because they are escape artists.'"

Travis stated with wide eyes, "This thing just got so many brownie points for me dude," loving the red pandas' mischief. 

The Kelce brothers also discussed feeding capybaras and whether Jason's dog Winnie could fight one. 

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