Top 25 big board for 2024 NFL Draft: Five quarterbacks make the cut; clubs requiring high-end receivers and offensive linemen are in luck.  

The NFL Scouting Combine concluded up in Indianapolis only a few days ago, and some draft hopefuls used the opportunity to distinguish themselves from their peers.  

Here are my top 25 personal prospect rankings following the event, which attracted journalists, fans, team personnel, and others to the Midwest by flights, trains, and automobiles:  

When the most recent college football season began, Harrison was regarded as the best wide receiver.  

I never expected that anyone else would come close, but to their credit, a few did. Harrison is a remarkable blend of size, speed, and route-running abilities.   

First and foremost, a quarterback must be able to make plays within the context of the offence.  

The ability to extend plays and throw accurately in space is secondary. Williams does both well.   

He was chastised for the emotions he shown during the season, and everyone had an opinion on his demeanour heading into the NFL Combine.  

Although he did not compete, Williams improved his stock by demonstrating his personality and answering questions about which teams would choose him.  

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