Tom Hardy's 'Venom 3' Set Image May Specify a Major Plot Point

Regarding Venom 3, Tom Hardy may have given away a lot with a recent set shot ,

that was uploaded to the actor's Instagram account. The image features Hardy as the title character, 

Venom, the alien symbiote, and Eddie Brock, his human host. Hardy is dressed in the same Hawaiian shirt from Venom:  

Let There Be Carnage's end credits sting, which ultimately sent Brock to an alternate reality that is part of Tom Holland's Peter Parker, the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In the end, Brock and Venom were brought back at the end of Spider-Man: 

No Way Home without having interacted with any characters from that realm, so this was simply a little extra for the fans, 

but the scenario might still be important. Eddie converses with a bartender in the scene, 

played by Ted Lasso alum Cristo Fernandez, about Iron Man, Hulk, and Thanos—heroes he has obviously grown up with during his time in the MCU.

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