To Prepare for Competition Season, Olivia Dunne Does Back-to-Back Mid-Air Flips and Amazing Gymnastics.  

The collegiate gymnastics season is rapidly approaching, and Olivia Dunne, a standout athlete from LSU, is deep in practice.   

The 7.8 million followers of the TikTok influencer uploaded the most amazing routine video with her audience.  

Showcasing her floor, beam, and bar tricks in a brief film set to Jack Harlow's song "Lovin on Me."  

We're always in awe of her behind-the-scenes training films, but this one truly had us in stitches.  

The 21-year-old had her hair thrown up into a sloppy ponytail and was wearing a basic black leotard with a high collar.  

She had white tape wrapped around her ankles and chalk applied around her wrists to aid with grip.   

It's evident that Dunne has been working hard in preparation for her team's season-opening matchup with Ohio State University on January 5.  

After getting a head start on her floor routine, she launched into a series of cartwheels, roundoffs, and a backflip that evolved into two spins in midair before landing flawlessly.  

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