This week in tennis: an uplifting tale from Paolini, a jam-packed day for Thompson, and more  

Jasmine Paolini, 28, had only one WTA championship, the 2021 Slovenia Open, before Dubai.   

. She had never advanced past 1000-level quarterfinals. She has only done that once in her career.  

The unseeded Italian won the 1000-level trophy in Dubai on Saturday after defeating giant  ...

-slayer Anna Kalinskaya 4-6, 7-5, 7-5. Her joyful smile after winning the final point persisted throughout the postmatch festivities and ceremony.  

"I think every person has her own steps, [their] story," Paolini remarked at her news conference.   

"I need time to think I can play like I did this week. I realize this won't happen every week. Quite difficult. Best players in the globe.  

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