The writers of The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live analyze Michonne's return to Rick and his relationship with him.  

On The Ones Who Live last week, we followed Rick Grimes' journey since leaving The Walking Dead in season 9. Michonne's turn this week.  

Despite the couple's surprise reunion at the end of the premiere, this week's episode, “Gone,”...

 ...showed us Danai Gurira's character's journey since leaving the mothership series in season 10. That meant continuing her final season 10 scenario by aiding a couple left behind due to an ailment that was delaying them down.  

Was that always the goal when they shot Gurira's TWD exit? “Absolutely,” showrunner Scott M. Gimple tells EW.   

So we cast Breeda Wool and Andrew Bachelor as the pair.  

Both are superb actors. They appeared for 10 seconds last episode.  

 I doubt we would've cast that actor for 10 seconds. I wanted to cast those people because I knew there was a greater story.”  

The tale illustrates how that season 10 choice reunites Michonne with Rick.  

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