The Vanilla Sponge Cake Recipe 

Sponge Cake, a versatile treat, owes its lightness to whipped eggs, making it perfect for snacks, layering, or dessert bases like trifles. 

Made with kitchen staples like flour, oil, milk, sugar, and eggs, this fail-proof Sponge Cake Recipe is a must-try. 

Known for its dreamy softness and spongy texture, this cake stands apart from regular vanilla cakes, ideal for tea time or snacking. 

Wheat flour can be seamlessly substituted in this recipe, offering equally delightful results. 

Experiment with flavors by swapping vanilla essence for orange or butterscotch, or add chocolate chips or tutti frutti for endless variations. 

Nailed this basic sponge cake recipe on the first try, loved for its simplicity and delightful texture. 

A go-to tea cake adored for its airy lightness and straightforward ingredients. 

Achieved perfection with this sponge cake recipe, making it a cherished addition to any baking repertoire. 

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