The unusual statement by Taylor Swift's representative refuting the Joe Alwyn marriage rumor surprised us.

Taylor Swift's publicist claims that she did not wed Joe Alwyn. Tree Paine refuted the Instagram rumor account Deuxmoi, which has been claiming for months that Swift and Alwyn had some kind of commitment ceremony when they were together, in an unusual and rather shocking statement. 

Deuxmoi claimed that Swift and Alwyn had a "ceremony in either 2020 or 2021 in the U.K. and it was described to me as a'marriage' by multiple people" in a new post on Thursday. 

It was never made lawful. On this hill, I shall die! Put that on my grave marker! I could care less, and I have no motive to lie." 

Swift's longtime publicist Paine commented on the "fabricated lies" on X, the platform that was formerly known as Twitter. 

"There was never any sort of ceremony or marriage. Posting something like this is crazy. The message said, "It's time to hold you accountable for the suffering and trauma you cause with posts like these." 

While it is not unexpected for a celebrity's representative to refute a rumor in a statement, Swift's team rarely addresses rumors of this nature.  

Swift is an expert at disclosing personal information through her songs and hardly ever—well, never—comments on rumors that circulate online. Actually, back in April, neither Swift nor her representative formally acknowledged the singer and Alwyn's breakup.  

For this reason, Swifties were taken aback by the announcement on X this week as well as the earlier news this year that the couple had split up. Indeed, followers believed the couple had secretly tied the knot (partially because of several posts on Deuxmoi). 

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