The successor to one of the earliest open-world games ever developed was heavily influenced by Breath of the Wild: "You can go literally anywhere"

A New Beginning, the successor to one of the first open-world games. 

The sequel to the Outcast series comes after 25 years, but the absence has only increased its effects.

In Outcast: A New Beginning, our protagonist returns to Adelpha to free its native villages from a robotic invasion.

Surprisingly, the game's geography is more like Nintendo's open-world.

"When imagining what the game would be about, we decided that a key point would be to make it completely non-linear," directs Pablo Coma in the tour below. 

"After a brief tutorial, you can go literally anywhere in the world," so you can help native communities in any order since the game doesn't "lock remote locations behind an experience system."

Coma says the first Outcast was the team's "main inspiration," but Nintendo's first genuine venture into the genre also offered enough to consider. 

"Breath of the Wild was a fantastic game using the same design principles," says Coma.

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