The Key to a Long Marriage Revealed by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill  

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are one of the most iconic 21st-century celebrity couples, and hopefully always will be.  

Their love story inspires from their 90s and 2000s country music power couple days to today.  

In an Entertainment Tonight Canada interview, McGraw called their 27th wedding anniversary "like 96 (years) in show business... It's almost like dog years."  

They married in October 1996 after meeting during a Nashville event in 1994. McGraw and Hill, 56 and 55, married at 29 and 28 and started their family soon after.   

The McGraws' three children, Gracie, Maggie, and Audrey, are strong women and will leave the nest in 2020 after Audrey graduates high school.  

What's their secret to a long, happy marriage? "When we decided to get married and have kids,   

we made a commitment early on that we wouldn't just walk out the door when problems arose," McGraw told ET earlier this year.  

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