The John Wick 5 Report Honest Winston Actor Response

Ian McShane responds to the current reports about John Wick 5 as the franchise's future plans gradually take shape.  

The memorable conclusion of Keanu Reeves' most recent film, Chapter 4, featured a spectacular battle between the title assassin and Donnie Yen's Caine to liberate John from the High Table's control.  

John emerged triumphant but appeared to be dying from his wounds. 

Lionsgate has been moving forward with the development of a John Wick 5 despite this appropriate conclusion, even going so far as to secure a significant agreement with director Chad Stahelski to handle both the franchise and his Highlander relaunch. 

The Golden Globe winner for his latest thriller American Star, Ian McShane, was recently questioned about the recent claims regarding John Wick 5.  

Although he accepted that a fifth film is unavoidable, the actor expressed his desire that the franchise would move away from Reeves' persona, believing that. 

He "deserves a good rest as long as he wants." See what McShane had to say below: 

Given how deeply felt the conclusion of Chapter 4 is, there has been debate among die-hard fans of the series over whether or not John Wick 5 should even be produced. 

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