The Helldivers 2 leak has unveiled a plethora of new strategies, guns, suppressors, and more.

Helldivers 2 dev server footage showed new weapons, armor sets, strategems, boosters, and more coming shortly.

Due to Helldivers 2's launch popularity, hundreds of thousands of players are combating evil across the galaxy and unlocking every weapon after dozens of hours of grinding.

Therefore, Helldivers 2's most dedicated players are already hunting for more to unlock.

 At launch, the game had only a few guns in each category, thus players desire more.

Luckily, leaks have revealed that the upcoming Warbond will contain new weaponry that may change the game.

As in-development content, these leaks should be treated with a grain of salt.

The new armor sets come first. These armor sets are different from the ones in the game, however they have no stats. 

Each armor has new lore and appears less glossy and tidy than most other armor options in the game other than the Hazmat suit.

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