The gigantic hand event in Fortnite brought back the game's original charm.  

Fortnite did something new and out of the ordinary this weekend.   

On the game's legendary battle royale Island, gamers watched a massive hand composed of rapidly cooling lava emerge from the earth and hold a huge loot box that hung in the air.

The hand's emergence was expected. Fans heard rhythmic rumblings outside Ruined Reels, a Greek amphitheater turned open-air movie, and a slowly growing breach in the ground adjacent.   

A new character, Odyssey, had already emerged nearby to provide much-needed exposition and teasing for Fortnite's Ancient Greek-themed upcoming season.   

Dataminers outside the game immediately learned what was supposed to happen and reported it on social media. Stage set.  

So when the hand appeared, folks knew what to do. That large box? It may be opened by breaking its chains.   

Instead of following Fortnite's battle royale regulations, some landed on the Island and shot/pickaxed the chest's shackles one by one for hours.  

As expected, others camped nearby and shot those trying to open the box.  

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