The Cincinnati Reds' Newest Player Should Be in the Starting Lineup to Begin 2024

After signing a multi-year agreement with the Cincinnati Reds in the winter,  

right-hander Nick Maritnez seemed set for the starting rotation.  

C. Trent Rosencrans projected the roster for 'The Athletic:'  

Montas and Martinez, the rotation's rookies, have integrated well on the field  

in the clubhouse. Their veteran presence has eased concerns about opening the season with a full rotation.  

Rosencrans rotates Frankie Montas, Martinez, Andrew Abbott, Hunter Greene, and Graham Ashcraft out of camp  

Nick Lodolo, who has leg difficulties from a year ago, should be in the mix once healed.  

Martinez, 33, is a six-year Major League journeyman from Florida who played for the Texas Rangers and San Diego Padres.  

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