The Bison Card is introduced by Bison Bank and Visa.  

An OECD study on financial and digital inclusion among internet-using Portuguese citizens found that 50% use home banking and 44% use other digital financial services like digital money transfer services or e-wallets for payments.  

These percentages show a growing trend toward these channels, but technological complexity, lack of trust in digital security, and a preference for in-person and traditional purchases limit them.  

In line with Portugal's digital services demand, the new Visa Bison Card can be issued instantly and used in its digital version in less than 7 minutes after online enrollment,   ...

and added to digital wallets like Apple Pay or Google Pay without a physical card. This card is special since it never has to be replaced.  

As long as the main cardholder assigns up to 15 extra cards to family, friends, or anybody else, the card can be extremely personalized.   

The card can be managed with interchangeable expenditure controls by value and merchant type, daily, weekly, or monthly limits, and other convenience features.  

The new card from Spanish startup Pecunpay provides centralized account administration, instant money transfers, and easy deactivation.  

This on/off feature adds security and convenience for cards.  

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