The battle over daylight saving time in Arkansas  

Fayetteville, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA)— On March 10, Arkansasans will lose an hour of sleep as the clocks advance for daylight savings time.  

With daylight savings come later sunsets and sunrises.

Arkansas is one of 48 states that change the clocks twice in a year. Arizona and Hawaii leave them alone.  

The Natural State has been unsuccessfully added to that short list by Arkansas lawmakers.  

In February 2019, Arkansas State Representative Sarah Capp (R-Ozark) introduced House Bill 1368 to remove DST and establish year-round standard time.   

The bill was withdrawn 23 days later by Capp. 

In 2020, Rep. Johnny Rye (R-Trumann) introduced House Bill 1017, the opposite of Capp's.  

Standard time would be eliminated and DST implemented year-round.   

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