The 40-second dash is the quickest in NFL Combine annals [Updated 2024]  

 The NFL Scouting Combine is useful for NFL Draft evaluation.  

 Closed-door interviews may be most critical, but hopefuls can check athletic thresholds and boxes. Naturally, the 40-yard dash is the most famous.  

 Watching top NFL Draft candidates demonstrate straight-line speed is the most fascinating part for spectators.   

 Sometimes males' pedestrian or awful times are disappointing.  

 But when a player turns on the jets and runs a phenomenal 40, it's guaranteed to draw attention and possibly increase their draft stock.  

 NFL players are always striving for speed. Which NFL Draft hopefuls are fastest ever? Breaking down NFL Combine's fastest 40 timings and more.  

 Of course, John Ross's 4.22-second 40-yard sprint at the 2017 NFL Combine remains the record.   

 Tyquan Thornton's unofficial time in 2022 was 4.21 seconds, which would have been the record, but the official time was 0.07 seconds slower.  

 However, these fastest 40 times show that straight-line speed doesn't guarantee NFL success.  

 Kalon Barnes, Thornton, and DJ Turner are still being evaluated, but Chris Johnson and Tariq Woolen are the only pro stars.   

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