The 23 Most Anticipated Films and TV Shows of SXSW 2024  

This year's SXSW has plenty of must-see film and TV to kickstart screen culture post-Oscars, from the Safdies' Elara Pictures' latest HBO docuseries to Amazon's contentious streaming-only '80s remake.  

 SXSW Film and TV Festival (March 8–16) continues Austin's multimedia showcases' growth into TV and XR experiences.  

The festival's opening night premiere, Doug Liman's “Road House,” controversially will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on March 21 instead of in theaters (except in Austin) from Amazon MGM Studios.  

(“Road House” and Amazon MGM are currently embroiled in a copyright dispute launched by 1989 original screenwriter R. Lance Hill that alleges the studio used AI to speed filming.)  

After SXSW, the deep-pocketed but theatrically frugal streamer will release “The Idea of You,” a Coachella-set romantic dramedy from Michael Showalter and Anne Hathaway, on Prime Video in May.

Other headliners include Dev Patel's directorial debut “Monkey Man” (Universal Pictures, April 5),...

Kyle Mooney's first behind-the-camera feature “Y2K” (A24), Alex Garland's surprise screening “Civil” War (A24, April 12), and Pamela Adlon's “Babes” (Neon), which will open in Austin before opening in the U.S.   

But behind these high-profile titles (and we highlight lots of them here) are undiscovered gems from throughout the world still seeking exposure.  

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