Texans Combine Notebook: Defence or Offence in the NFL Draft?  

The NFL Scouting Combine has officially concluded. Now comes the difficult task of picking between a youthful up-and-comer and a veteran eager for a payoff.   

The Houston Texans are at a crossroads. On the one side, Houston has about $70 million in salary cap room, allowing them to sign a high-profile player while drafting for long-term success.   

On the other hand, Houston has roughly 40 free agents on the market.   

In April's draft, what will Houston do at No. 23? Before the week, names like Texas defensive lineman Byron Murphy, LSU receiver Brian  

Thomas Jr., and Toledo cornerback Quinyon Mitchell seemed like safe bets. Now, everything feels like pipeline fantasies, such as landing Galveston   

The Texans could afford to lose many players in free agency after winning the AFC South. Others, however, may pose a risk depending on what is available on the market.   

Tight end Dalton Schultz slips into that category as the March 5 franchise tag deadline approaches.   

The tight end market is barren, with Seattle's Noah Fant and New England's Hunter Henry attracting the most attention.  

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