Taylor Swift on Disney, ‘Moana’ Sequel in Theaters 

Disney partnered with Taylor Swift for the "Eras Tour" concert film on Disney+. 

Film includes exclusive performances, like "Cardigan," to debut March 15. 

– Swift's tour movie garnered $260M in cinema sales, termed a "true phenomenon."

– Disney announces a sequel to "Moana," with original cast reprising roles.

– "Moana" tops streaming charts, prompting theatrical sequel for Nov. 27 release.

"Moana 2" follows Moana's journey into dangerous, ancestral waters. 

Disney faces box office struggles; several 2023 releases underperformed. 

Disney plans theatrical releases like "Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes," "Deadpool 3," and "Inside Out 2" to revitalise the lineup. 

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