Taylor Swift and Jason Kelce's wife are becoming closer after a "rocky" beginning to their relationship.

Travis Kelce's girlfriend, Taylor Swift, seems to be getting along better with Kylie Kelce, the wife of Travis's brother, Jason Kelce, after an initial rocky start. 

Earlier this season, LifeandStyle magazine reported tensions during Swift's first meeting with the Kelce family. Kylie Kelce expressed her discomfort with the limelight, causing some awkwardness. 

However, at a recent game in Buffalo, where the Chiefs played against the Bills, there was no sign of tension. Jason Kelce even amused Swift with a shirtless stunt despite freezing weather. 

Travis Kelce mentioned that Swift "absolutely loved" Jason's antics. Swift was also seen in a friendly photo with Kylie Kelce and Aric Jones, a close friend of Travis. 

Kylie Kelce has been spotted embracing and chatting with Swift at various NFL matches, indicating improved relations. 

Kylie has shown support for Swift on Instagram by liking posts related to her and her music album. Swift reciprocated the gesture. 

Both Swift and Kylie share a love for cats, further strengthening their bond. 

Despite being unable to attend Jason Kelce's retirement press conference, Swift's absence was due to her ongoing tour in Singapore. 

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