Summer House: Carl Confronts Lindsay over Cocaine Claims — Only for Her to Pivot to a New Pre-Wedding 'Alarm'

On Thursday's episode of Summer House, the then-engaged couple debriefed with their co-stars  

Lindsay, 37, informed Carl, 39, that she worried her female housemates would be upset that she took a Lyft with the guys instead of them.   

When Carl, who has been sober since January 2021 after dealing with drug and alcohol abuse for years, told Lindsay that "it's not that deep" and she'd be "fine," Lindsay accused him of being "on cocaine."  

"He got really defensive and was like, cutting me off," Lindsay told Danielle Olivera the next morning. 

Lindsay Hubbard Responds to Accusations Against Sober Ex Carl Radke of Cocaine Use: 'I wish I had used better wording'  

Lindsay disputed during a confessional interview that she felt Carl had broken his sobriety the night before.  

"I 1,000 percent like, should have used a lot more delicate words in that moment," she added.  

"But I'm taken aback by his aggressiveness right now, and I'm trying to figure out where it's coming from."  

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