Suit filed following death of NYU doctor at Disney restaurant where waiters claimed allergen-free fare  

 The husband of a New York University doctor who died after eating at a Disney Springs restaurant in Florida is suing the restaurant's personnel for negligence.  

 NYU Langone doctor Kanokporn Tangsuan died abruptly after supper at Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant on Oct. 5.  

Her husband, Jeffrey Piccolo, filed a 19-page lawsuit in Orange County, Fla., circuit court....

 ....charging Walt Disney Parks and Resorts of negligence because Tangsuan informed the waitstaff about her nut and dairy sensitivities.  

 The complaint alleged the pub workers insisted they could create allergen-free cuisine after Tangsuan verified many times.  

 Tangsuan requested scallops, onion rings, and broccoli-corn fritter.  

 Irish partners John Cooke and Paul Nolan run the restaurant, not Disney.  

 When she felt nauseous after dinner, Tangsuan left the restaurant to shop.  

 She collapsed in Planet Hollywood after having trouble breathing.

 The lawsuit alleged she died at a local hospital after receiving an epi-pen immediately.  

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