Stella McCartney Fall 2024 Ready-to-Wear: Rise Up, Shine  

Stella McCartney held her autumn presentation in a greenhouse, adding a subtle message about the seriousness   

Olivia Colman and Helen Mirren reading a sad letter from Mother Earth asking, "Don't you love me anymore  

The British designer invites women to join her cause by embracing her roomy and mannish tailoring, now with more swagger than ever; her minimalist jersey dresses  

Jackets, and skirts made of eco leather that's a dead ringer for the real thing, minus the dead animals.  

She created a formidable trenchcoat in a plausible fake croc, as well as fur-like surfaces, such as the soft pink teddy bear coat that opened the show, and colourful looping knit scarves and outfits.  

McCartney's sleek, slyly gorgeous collection highlighted that sequins and crystal embellishments can be done in a sustainable way, with the former free of plastics and PVC and the latter free of lead.  

"Eco facts" supplied after the show indicated that 90 percent of McCartney's latest collection was created using "responsible materials  

Falabella bags are now covered with Airlite, which is believed to actively filter what we breathe.  

Backstage, after embracing her father Sir Paul McCartney and posing for photos with Ringo Star, M.I.A., and Charlotte   

Rampling, the designer discussed her ongoing obsession with Savile Row tailoring, such as getting the sleeve heads to fit perfectly and her full-legged trousers to ride on a specific part of the hips.  

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