Steelers' cheap draft: Mid-to-late-round offensive tackle targets in 2024

The NFL Scouting Combine has concluded, and draft season has officially begun.  

By now, you've undoubtedly formed strong opinions on what the Steelers should prioritise in the April Draft.  

You could even know the guy you want on Pittsburgh's draft card on April 25.Nailing the first two picks will be important if the Steelers hope to break their playoff skid next season  

If you want to stay up to date on potential targets for the Steelers in the early rounds, bookmark our Draft Hub, where you can read player profiles on your favourite prospects and see the most recent mocks.  

But how will the Steelers handle the remainder of the draft? After all, what distinguishes a decent draft from a great draft is the identification of significant players in the final stages of the draft.  

In this series, I'll spotlight potential prospects the Steelers may consider in the third round and later across multiple position groups, beginning with offensive tackles.  

When considering what types of players the Steelers may be targeting, I believe it is critical to analyse a recent tendency in Steelers picks, as illustrated in this tweet by Kent Lee Platte, the author of Relative Athletic Score:  

If you're not aware with RAS, it's a measure that assesses a player's overall athleticism by comparing their various measurables at the combine to previous results at their position.   

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