Start of European Formula One race rotation in 2026 hinted at by Domenicali  

Many races, notably outside Europe, have extended their contracts beyond the 2030s in recent months. 

After 2025, Zandvoort, Spa, Imola, Monza, and Monaco's European deals expire.  

The Spanish GP will move to Madrid in 2026. Barcelona is believed to still have a contract to host a race that season, with F1 alternatives.  

Since rotation has been discussed, the Dutch and Belgian tournaments are likely to be held alternate years  

It's understood that F1 has no intentions to add a 24th event in 2026, although that would decrease the number to 23 and offer up a berth for Barcelona.  

The alternative is a new location, with F1 considering returning to South Korea.  

In 2026, there will be many grands prix, mostly in Europe, where we have many alternatives, added Domenicali.  

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