Stars like Melissa Joan Hart, Kat Von D, and Mark Wahlberg openly believe in Hollywood.  

Many people consider their faith and its significance in their lives at the end of the year, a sentiment that many famous people in Hollywood endorse. 

Throughout the year, Mark Wahlberg has made frequent, proud, and open statements about the positive effects of his Catholic faith on his life, emphasizing how it has improved his discipline and helped him accomplish goals. 

Some, such as Melissa Joan Hart and Alexa PenaVega, concentrate on the influence of their faith on their parenting. Being a devoted Catholic, Wahlbeg never wavers in his beliefs.

The 51-year-old celebrity said in March on Fox News Digital that his faith is the primary source of his success, stating, "It's just the most important aspect of my life." 

It's the most crucial element. It's given me the opportunity to achieve everything I've ever wanted in life, including discipline and faith," he went on. 

Wahlberg discussed his beliefs on "Today" on Ash Wednesday of the previous month.  

With her husband of 20 years, Mark Wilkerson, Joan Hart is a proud mother of three boys, Mason, Braydon, and Tucker.  

In October, she told Fox News Digital that a major part of how she raises her boys is faith. 

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