Songs Written by Kenny Chesney Under His Own Name

In sports, a player is said to have produced "video game numbers" when they record exceptionally high stats during a match. 

Well, Kenny Chesney has achieved success in the country music industry with video game numbers. 

Chesney's career has included 32 top-charting songs in the country charts, among many other accomplishments.

Despite being a skilled writer himself, he has been willing to working with other writers, which has contributed to his enormous success.  

He gave the following explanation of his decision-making process for recording songs to Today's Country Music on Apple Radio:

"'I Go Back' was a gift, you know that. And so were "Beer in Mexico" and "Old Blue Chair," which I composed on my own.  

However, you just don't wake up every day writing songs like that, even though I can occasionally compose one or two of those on my own. 

However, it is ridiculous of me to assume that I can sit down and write ten or twelve of the greatest songs in the city for my record. There are tons of amazing music and songwriters out there.

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