Sherlock Holmes' reboot, Sherlock & Daughter, stars Harry Potter as the famed investigator. 

The CW will revive Arthur Conan Doyle's legendary detective, Sherlock Holmes, with the network ordering the series Sherlock & Daughter.  

David Thewlis, who previously starred in Enola Holmes 2, will play Sherlock in the new series.  

According to The CW (via TV Insider), the series would put the detective "out of his comfort zone.  

mysteriously unable to investigate a sinister case without endangering the lives of his closest friends.  

As the title implies, the series will pair Sherlock Holmes with a little girl, who could very well be her father.  

"Enter young American Amelia (Blu Hunt)." Following her mother's strange murder, she finds that her missing father could be the famed investigator.  

Despite their vastly different origins and mindsets  

the two must work together to uncover a global conspiracy, solve her mother's murder, and determine whether she truly is Sherlock's daughter.  

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