Season 11 of The Masked Singer kicks off with a practical joke.  

We should thank our fortunate stars that The Masked Singer's 11th season didn't start with a truly horrible person like Rudy Giuliani or Sarah Palin.   

The show even avoided Tom Sandoval this time, which is impressive.  

If you see “Book”'s painful performance of Ne-Yo's “So Sick” from last night's episode, know that it might have been worse.  

The judges enjoyed the pitchy performance. They're either less jaded or better actors than this writer.  

Robin Thicke said, "There's only a few people that as soon as they walk in the room I start smiling and laughing like this.  

That's Kevin Hart," Book's library collapsed, and he disrobed to show himself as the comedian.  

While Hart self-unmasked, host Nick Cannon—who shares a long-standing prank war and 2023 series, Celebrity Prank Wars, with Hart—insisted that this was against The Masked Singer's rules.  

Hart says that was intended. Nick, this is a hoax. You had no idea I was coming, and guess what? There’s nothing you can do,” he said, insisting he “performed awful on purpose” while Cannon called the stunt “stupid.”  

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