'Saturday Night Live' has an appearance by Sydney Sweeney, who addresses the scandal surrounding Glen Powell.  

No one roasts Sydney Sweeney like she does.  

This week, Sweeney, 26, hosted "Saturday Night Live" and went into detail about media claims surrounding her.  

I've heard the wildest rumor:  

I had an affair with my co-star Glen Powell while filming 'Anyone But You' Not true "she told her successful romantic-comedy's laughing audience.  

"Me and my fiancé produced the movie together, and he was there the entire shoot."  

During filming during the press tour for "Anyone But You", Sweeney and Powell were rumored to be dating. Claim disputed by both.  

I want to let everyone know that he's my ideal man and we're stronger than before.   

"He came here tonight to support me," she said, urging "SNL" to cut to her boyfriend.

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