Rosemary Applications for the Hair 

As a plant, rosemary is noted for improving the flavor of food. 

But it also has a hidden ability: it can save your hair!

This plant can be used to care for your hair as well as your food. Let's take a look at ten simple ways rosemary can help you get gorgeous hair.

1. Rosemary Oil Potion: Rosemary oil may do wonders for your hair. 

2. Shampoo with Rosemary:Put 5 to 8 drops of rosemary oil in it. It's good for your skin and doesn't make your hair look flat.  

3. Combine rosemary with various oils:Switch things up! Combine rosemary with oils like coconut and chamomile for an excellent hair massage. 

4. Rinse with rosemary tea to:Tea is beneficial to your hair. Make rosemary tea and use it to rinse your hair one last time after washing it.

5. Sip some rosemary tea:Tea is good for your hair. Make rosemary tea and rinse your hair with it one last time after washing it.  

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