Rihanna's New Music and World Tour Are Finally on the Way 

Rihanna, amidst a whirlwind year including major performances and welcoming her second child, is reportedly gearing up for new music and a world tour deal with Live Nation for 2024/2025. 

Rihanna, who last released Anti in 2016, hinted at new music with her 2022 single "Lift Me Up" and performed it at the 2023 Oscars, where it was nominated for Best Original Song. 

Rihanna, a busy businesswoman and mother of two, has been focused on her family, expressing contentment with her two sons with A$AP Rocky. 

Rihanna, speaking to British Vogue in February, expressed her desire to release new music this year, emphasizing her desire to have fun with the process. 

Despite nearing the end of the year with no confirmed release date, Rihanna still has time to fulfill her promise to fans. 

Rihanna, who welcomed her second child in August, has yet to confirm reports of her upcoming music and tour plans with Live Nation. 

Rihanna, who has kept fans waiting since her last album in 2016, has fans cautiously optimistic about the possibility of new music in the near future. 

Rihanna, known for her iconic performances and fashion choices, is expected to make a splash with her upcoming music endeavors, whenever they may be released. 

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