Retired Tom Brady shares footage of him running a quicker 40 at 46 than at 22.  

Legendary NFL scouting combine for Tom Brady.   

He looked unimpressive to NFL teams from Michigan, and his slow 40-yard dash will be shown on the NFL Network's combine broadcast every year  

His sixth-round pick status is justified. Brady ages backwards like football Benjamin Button.   

Brady ran the 40 again at 46 to make up for his 5.28-second mark at the NFL scouting combine in 2000, when he was 22.   

Brady's social media video claims he beat his 2000 time.   

The first stopwatch put Brady at 5.18 seconds, while the second had him at 5.12.  

Some disclaimers: Anything online can be doctored, maybe the timepieces were fast (it's not going viral if Brady ran a 5.3) or other techniques you have to account for with social media videos.   

But if it's true, Brady running a quicker 40 at 46 than at 22 is incredible.   

and was grateful for the extra time she got to reflect on her trip after her match. 

One of Brady's biggest victories over time is being speedier than in 2000.   

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