Reports reveal the cause of death for Thomas Kingston, the husband of Lady Gabriella:  

 Thomas Kingston, Lady Gabriella Kingston's financier husband, died of a known cause.  

 On Friday, an English coroner confirmed in a judicial probe that the British royal family member died from "a traumatic head wound," according to The Guardian and the BBC.  

 The 45-year-old banker was found Sunday evening in a locked structure at his parents' Cotswolds home in Gloucestershire, with a gun present, according to The Guardian.  

 After lunch with his folks, Kingston disappeared while his father walked the dog.   

 Skerrett said his mother searched for him after 30 minutes.  

 "His father forced entry on a locked outbuilding when no reply could be gained," Skerrett told the committee, The Guardian reported.  

 "He found Mr. Kingston deceased with a catastrophic head injury.  

 The coroner said: "A pistol was present. Emergency services were called. Police believe the death was not suspicious."  

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