Recipe For Stuffed Mushrooms

Our Thanksgiving appetizers always include stuffed mushrooms, which are sophisticated and easy to make. These cheesy stuffed mushrooms are a reliable last-minute app that takes under an hour. 

They were made by stuffing baby bella mushrooms with herby breadcrumbs and two cheeses. Each bite of this poppable, bite-sized app is full of cheesy, garlicky taste. If you're serving a lot of people, double the recipe—these mushrooms disappear first. 

First time stuffing mushrooms? Despite their elegance, they're straightforward to make. Read on for all our classic appetizer tips: 

After growing so close to the ground, mushrooms are dirty, so cleaning them before cooking is essential. Rinse the mushrooms in a colander under cold running water and wipe them with a damp paper towel to remove any dirt on the caps and stems. 

How do I clean and prep my mushrooms?

There are two ways to avoid soggy stuffed mushrooms. Start by rinsing mushrooms under cold water for a few seconds before drying with a paper towel.

Preventing soggy stuffed mushrooms:

Baby bella (cremini) mushrooms work great in this dish, but you can also use white button mushrooms or portobello mushroom caps (check out our filled portobello mushrooms). 

The best mushrooms to use for stuffed mushrooms:

Parmesan is traditional for stuffed mushrooms, but you can use your preferred cheese. Add Gruyère, fontina, or feta to suit your taste. 

How to make the filling:

Unbaked stuffed mushrooms freeze well for three months. Freeze them flat, then store them in a sealed freezer bag. When ready, bake them frozen, but add more time! 

Can I make these ahead?

Keep leftover filled mushrooms in an airtight jar in the fridge for 3–4 days. 


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